Strategic Advantage

Aviation DataMiner is the only source that actually reflects the realities of today's airline industry.

Other sources just give DOT data as reported. While some claim to adjust and reconcile the data, the fact is they still report them by certificated carrier, not airline brand. DataMiner aggregates O&D by the marketing airline not the de facto aircraft lessor - i.e. "regional airline."  The result is that you have data that reflects today's aviation industry.

This is just the start. Our financial capability lets you do "what if" and "should cost" analyses of not only routes, but of potential aircraft platforms. Schedule & Capacity data is from Innovata, the only "official" source to which IATA requires airlines to report.

DataMiner covers the full range of aviation analytics. Click here to get the full story.


Tactical Advantage

Generate analyses of historical performance. Relate it to various metrics. Design your own reports, or we can assist you in crafting just the information you need.

Analyze future capacity, by airline, airport, aircraft type, and more. Access airline financials and craft your own route and market projections. What will be the effects of a fleet shift from CRJs to B-717s? You can analyze it right on your screen.

Aviation DataMiner is also iPad, IPhone, and Droid compatible.  So if you're at a meeting, you can access key data and analyses right at the table. Think of the competitive advantage that represents!

It's all right at your fingertips: O&D, T-100, Airline Financials, Schedules, Capacity. Data going back to year 2000. And with our Airports:USA Forecast option, data going forward to 2020, too!


Forecast Advantage

Now Available!

A DataMiner Exclusive!
The only source that offers subscribers airport enplanement forecasts - the only such data generated in the private sector, free of the political and bureaucratic interventions often experienced with government reports.

The Airports:USA option gives up-to-the-date ten year enplanement forecasts for 146 of the nation's airports, comprising over 95% of all traffic. Plus, trend analyses and updates as events occur.

Airports:USA(TM) covers all 23 airline hubsite airports, and breaks out large non-hubsite airports from secondary airports. With this option, you have a planning weapon offered by no other data vendor.